About Moesle Meats

Founded in 1947, our history and quality of service stretches back decades. We pride ourselves in the products and service we provide.

Our Values

Simple solutions

We listen to our customers, monitor the markets, and strive to offer solutions to our customers across the supply chain. Our customers’ needs are nearly always immediate – so we must respond immediately with a straightforward and simple approach. If we cannot provide simple and appropriate solutions for our customers, we will not “fake it until we make it”. We only onboard customers that we can deliver exceptional service – from products and service needed to location.

Passionate about our customers and their success

We know that we are not successful unless our customers are successful. We must also always be honest with our customers – from pricing, to quoting for advertisements to delivery expectations to product availability. If we cannot give them on-time deliveries, fresh product and competitive pricing, our customers cannot compete and properly service their customers. We aim to give our customers the best chance at success by delivering across these platforms.

Striving for perfection

We strive to exceed expectations, from price and quality to service. Good is not good enough. We can meet close deadlines, get out on same day deliveries and help customers navigate product shortages or other unplanned needs with our just-in-time model for delivery service.

Efficiency in everything we do

This does not mean we take shortcuts. The cold storage supply chain requires efficiency to be competitive. By simplifying our approach, we aim to be the most efficient in everything we do, from ordering, to picking, to warehousing, to routing and delivery.

A History of Quality Products & Service

We have been in the protein space since the 1940s. From a family-owned operation that started on Fulton Market adjacent to downtown Chicago to a new ownership structure that brings together various backgrounds and deep industry experience specializing in sales, logistics and even finance. We leave no stone unturned in evaluating our business and strive to always improve.  We recently moved into a new, class A facility that allows us to service our customers completely across the cold storage spectrum from Chicagoland to beyond – from ordering and delivery, to storage and processing. It is rare we come across an account that we cannot service. Our accounts range in size from independent stores to larger chains (20+ stores).  We have evolved from specializing in pork and beef to a full-line of offerings that includes seafood, pork, poultry, beef and even lamb.

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